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This is a questionnaire we have filled out for our S &EMS Compliance Program. 



1)    1a. Does your company currently have a management system(s) addressing supply chain social responsibility, including those elements articulated in the EICC Code of Conduct and/or IBM's Supplier Code of Conduct Principles?


YES    Our Company routinely reviews the information furnished to us relating to SEMS and how it affects us. Our goal is to outline the various cost-effective ways See-Lect Industrial Equipment Company, Inc. conforms to this request. Attached throughout this Report, you will find charts, contracts and documentation proving these issues.


1)    1b. Does your company currently have an Environmental management system(s) addressing, at a minimum, the elements described in Supplier Requirements 2 through 8 to the left?

 YES    See-Lect is willing to offer, at any time, a copy of this document to be available for all public knowledge via our website.


2)    Has your company established a program(s) and procedure(s) within the management system that enable, ensure and confirm compliance with applicable law, regulation and any related contractual requirements?

 YES    Any Part that is manufactured by See-Lect DIRECTLY can/will be furnished with Certificate of Conformance and/or Certification of Manufacture upon request or when shipping.  Also, since we are primarily a supplier, rather than a manufacturer, we are not subject to as many regulations; however we DO fill out all EEIC forms completely and have been doing so since I have been here (11/1/2012)




3)    3a. Does your company currently monitor/measure energy conservation?

 YES    What we do measure is energy consumption.  This is a difficult area to gain confidence in because there is a variable part of energy consumption associated with energy costs and the extremes of weather.  The part of consumption easiest to reduce is the static, everyday usage. The part we can control has been reduced through more thoughtful monitoring of such things as motion sensor switches in the lavatory and the parking areas.  The office has been using energy efficient lighting, keeping half of the warehouse in darkness when not in use; both for cost efficiency and temperature control. All of our computers have been set to go to “sleep mode” if inactive for than 15 minutes. As you can see in the Energy Usage Chart, we HAVE made a significant decrease in our energy consumption AND output over the last Year and 1/2. Again allowing for Weather and Energy Costs, this is a major breakthrough for this small company. In addition, we hope to encourage other tenants in our complex to do the same. We supply all of the “Common Areas” of the complex with energy efficient lighting; also motion sensor lights are used in the parking areas, as was mentioned earlier.  We also supply Blue Recycling Bags in the “Common Areas” of the complex. 

Copy of energy usage (2).xlsx



3)    3b. Does your company currently have a waste management and recycling program and measure the amount of waste generated/recycled?

  YES    Currently we use Waste Management Companies as our Refuse and Recycling Company to handle this issue. We picked them out of many different companies because they were the “Greenest”. On the average, we mainly recycle cardboard, paper products and some aluminum, approximately 200 LBS per month. Once in a while we do have some plastic and glass items as well, less than 10 LBS per month.

Waste Management3


3)    3c. Does you company currently inventory its Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions?

 YES    According to the Energy Usage Chart, we have made progress in that regard.  I believe other savings may be possible and we will continue to pursue these avenues. 

Copy of energy usage (2).xlsx


4)    4a. Does your company currently have established goals for energy conservation?

 YES    We are hoping for a 5% reduction yearly, though whether that will be readily measurable or not is difficult.  A very cold winter, for instance, will dramatically raise our expense.  Additional savings would likely need to be technology driven; such measures are already in use I.E, “sleep mode” when computer not in use. Also updating our computers regularly helps maintain less CPU usage versus an older, less energy efficient computer. 


4)    4b. Does your company currently have established goals for waste management and recycling?

 YES    All refuse is separated into recyclable versus refuse. We maintain 100% compliance for our Community AND Waste Management’s Regulations regarding Refuse and Recycling Guidelines.


4)    4c. Does your company currently have established goals to reduce Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions?

 YES    Our emissions are simply in the power consumption end; as stated earlier we have a goal of 5% reduction yearly.  We do not have any company owned vehicles, nor do we use any manufacturing equipment other than electric tools


5)    5a. Does your company currently publicly disclose results or progress against its environmental goals?

 YES    These records will be available for public knowledge via our website.  Anyone is welcome to view that information.


5)    5b. Does your company currently publicly disclose other environmental aspects of its management system, including any regulatory fines?

 YES    A copy of our agreement with Waste Management is available for public viewing on our website; this discloses any fines that we may incur for violating our contract with them. (See Attached Documentation from Waste Management)

Waste Management 1

Waste Management 2

6)      6. Does your corporate responsibility and environmental management system include employee training requirements?

   YES Training – Our employees are trained and capable to meet S&EMS requirements.  All Employees are given a Printed Handout at Time of Hire showing what is and what is not recycling.  We have mandatory Random Fire Drills where our company Fire Marshall is responsible for each Dept. Head & Employee Count - Including Our Company Mascot, Eddie.   All fire exits are clearly marked and lit with their own emergency backup system.  We strongly urge other Tenants in our Complex to do the same.  We are Compliant with New York State & Federal Guidelines regarding OSHA and All Labor Laws.

recycle list

       NYS Labor Poster

    Front Exit

Back Exit


7)    7a. Are self-assessments/audits regularly conducted to assess performance and verify conformance to management system requirements?

 YES    As shown in the Energy Usage Chart, See-Lect has been monitoring the Company usage of the Electricity output. Also, we have installed a Motion Sensor Light Switch in the lavatory of the office; this is the only place where energy efficient Fluorescent bulbs are not in use. Again, weather and energy costs have been our debilitating factors in our computations.


Copy of energy usage (2).xlsx

7)    7b. Are regular management reviews a part of the management system requirements?

 YES    Every 6 (six) months each Employee undergoes a Review; at that time his/her position is re-evaluated. Also, each Item that is purchased by See-Lect MUST conform to Regulatory Standards, as stated in the Federal Guidelines. These apply for Items made by See-Lect as well.





8)    8. Do you cascade these requirements to your suppliers (at least to those suppliers who perform work that is material to the products, parts, and/or services you supply to IBM)? 

          YES    All of our suppliers are aware of the need to be S&EMS Compliant, as well as we are aware of the need to be Compliant.

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