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See-lect Industrial Equipment Co., Inc., is located in the Westchester County area of New York State.  The company was incorporated in 1950 and has been supplying customers for over 60 years.  Specialized products include spline wrenches and drivers, precision oilers, high quality magnetic screwdrivers and Multi-Lobe wrenches and drivers.  Multi-Lobe is a registered trademark of See-lect.  We also manufacture modifications of the foregoing products to meet individual customer specifications. 

Now to introduce you to some of See-Lect's Key Players

Introducing Nanci -  

Many of you will be spending quite a bit of time chatting with her.  She is the one you would contact to place an order -mail to:newgirl@see-lect.com She has over 20 years as an Office Manager under her belt & was trained by the best.

Then we have Jian -

Jian is our Warehouse Manager, he has been with the Company for over 10 years & is quite familiar with all aspects of our Tools & Specialty Items.  Jian also follows up with our Shipping Dept., he can look at a box of spline drivers and tell you what they weigh.

Don't forget Lorrie -

Lorrie is our Bookkeeper and runs our Accounting Dept.  She has been with See-Lect for quite some time now, so if there's a problem with your Invoice call her, not Nanci.  Lorrie also fills in as our computer guru on occasion.

And Most Important, Meet Eddie, Our Company Mascot

Eddie has been with us for about 10 years.  Eddie is well versed in all dialects of food knowledge and is available for treat testing.  Unfortunately, he does not answer phone calls.  However, he has a lot to say in the function of the business, and is willing to offer advice in all matters, regardless of nature.

Please know that each and every one of us would like to take a moment & thank you for visiting us today.  We are looking forward to meeting your Tool & Specialized Item needs.