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Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Management

             See-Lect Industrial has had a longstanding commitment to minimize our impact on the environment.  We consider environmental stewardship to be of great importance.  This ethic is demonstrated by our practices and policies for recycling, waste reduction, and resource management.

              See-Lect Industrial Equipment Company, Inc. subscribes to the tenets of the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (Version 3.0, 2009). The EICC establishes standards for Labor, Health and Safety, Environment, Management, and Ethics. Our defined programs are appropriate to our mission, scope of operations, and corporate goals.

              Waste Management Recycling Goals:    See-Lect Industrial Equipment Company, Inc. has a recycling goal of 100% annually, which we maintain.

              Recycling Program:    Our recycling program encompasses all paper, cardboard, bottles, cans, fluorescent lights, batteries and ink/toner cartridges as well as E-Waste. Since 2013, we have used Waste Management, a national recycling/reclaiming company for the removal of all recyclable and refuse waste.

               Recycling & Safety Training:
    All employees are trained and tested on the proper usage of recycling receptacles.  Upon hire, all employees are given a printed handout which contains info on what is and what is not recyclable items.  Due to the nature of our office we use 2 types of refuse containers 1) Non-Recyclable and 2) Recyclable, which are then further placed in proper Refuse Bins furnished by Waste Management.  We have mandatory Random Fire Drills where our company Fire Marshall is responsible for each Dept. Head & Employee Count - Including Our Company Mascot, Eddie.   All fire exits are clearly marked and lit with their own emergency backup system.  We are Compliant with New York State & Federal Guidelines regarding OSHA and All Labor Laws.

               Waste Reduction:      Packaging materials are carefully removed so that they can be reused in customer shipments.
                                                 Minimize/Eliminate Printing we try to use Double Sided Pages whenever possible.                          
                                                 All of See-Lect Industrial Equipment Company, Inc., Data  Sheets, and Technical Documentation are primarily distributed in electronic PDF format whenever possible.

                Maintenance Supplies:  The facility is maintained using earth friendly cleaning products and post consumer recycled paper products.      


Setting Goals and Measuring Performance

               We have taken every opportunity to conduct business with the objective of ecological responsibility. We audit and set numeric goals in:
                Energy Conservation
                Waste Management

Management Audits of Performance
                Environment Goals and Programs are a permanent agenda item for management review and discussion.  In 50 years of operation, we have never had any regulatory fines or penalties.  Should we ever incur any regulatory fines or penalties, we will publicly disclose them here.

Cascading of Environmental Goals and Requirements to Major Supplier setting Goals and Measuring Performance

Major providers of goods and services are requested to develop and maintain identical goals programs and structures.